Creative approaches to working with people living with dementia

Recent Training Sessions

List of recent training sessions include:

Cliniclowns, Austria: Compassionate Clowning

Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling: Artful Minds for artists and Mindful Arts for management team and venue staff

ISH (International School of Humour) to GO for Red Noses International in Palestine  and Lithuania: Compassionate Clowning

Queen Margret University Nursing Conference – Turning Vision into Reality: Creative approaches for nurses

Humor Hilft Heilen Academy, Germany: Compassionate Clowning

Luca Silvestrini’s Protein Dance, London: Mindful Arts

People Dancing International Conference, Glasgow, October 2017: Mindful Arts – creating meaningful connections with people living with dementia

Scottish Ballet: Artful Minds, for artists and Dementia Awareness Training for senior management & creative team, including fundraising, marketing and learning and participation staff; part of a multi-tiered consultancy

Platform, Easterhouse, Glasgow: Artful Minds, as part of Curious Shoes tour

Beacon Arts Centre: Artful Minds, as part of Curious Shoes tour

A Visita, Lisbon, Portugal: Clowning for Seniors

Klinikclowns, Bavaria: Happy Hangover, Clowning for Seniors with Dementia

ISH (International School of Humour) for Red Nose International: Forget Memory!Clowning for Seniors with Dementia

Festival Theatre Edinburgh: Artful Mindsfor artists delivering work for the Learning and Participation Team

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh: Celebrating failure – a creative way to connect

Rote Nasen Wien, Austria: 8-day training intensive on Clowning with Seniors

Festival Theatre Edinburgh: Dementia Awareness Training for senior management team and venue staff 

Previous training delivered also includes the following:

Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh; National Theatre, Scotland; National Theatre London; Max Reinhardt Seminar, Vienna, Austria; The Royal Conservatoire Scotland, Glasgow; Welsh National Opera, Cardiff.