Creating meaningful connections with people living with dementia

Artful Minds

Artful Minds

Artful Minds is an experiential training initiative, for artists of all art forms.

Artful Minds uses specially designed props and a multi-arts approach to create an immersive experience of the challenges associated with dementia and old age. It aims to increase skills, confidence, and inspire creative responses, as well as giving ideas for translation into artistic practice. It aims to provide a basis for connection and meaningful engagement with people living with dementia. Artful Minds is aimed at professional artists who are looking to create work specifically for people living with dementia, to gain a first insight or deepen their engagement with people living with dementia. 

Artful Minds was developed as part of my Paul Hamlyn Breakthrough Fund journey. It draws on over 20 years of practical knowledge of working with people living with dementia in my role as Co-Founder and former Artistic Director of Hearts & Minds, in particular the creation and delivery of the unique Elderflowers programme. It also draws on over 30 years of experience of performing, directing and teaching physical theatre and theatre clowning in the UK and internationally.

Artful Minds aims to provide:

  • Information – Basic facts about dementia and ageing as well as the interplay between the two and related challenges.
  • Insight – enable deeper understanding of people living with dementia and their own unique individuality.
  • Skills – help to focus on existing skills and provide tools to increase understanding.
  • Confidence – reaffirm artists as the experts in their own art form and develop personal recognition of their own abilities.
  • Resources
  • Support

Length: Full day
Participants: 12 maximum
Lunch: Part of the training experience
Resources: Pre-course reading and Artful Minds Training Handbook provided for all participants

The specially designed props used in the Artful Minds training have been created in collaboration with designer, Matt Coombes of Contradictory Design.

For enquiries and further information please contact us.

Feedback on Artful Minds training:

I found the day extremely enriching, very professionally prepared and deeply inspiring

Artful Minds participantMarch 2017

I felt that the training day was beautifully organized, conducted with the highest standards of sensitivity and technical training. I feel that, if I were to work with people affected by dementia in the future, the training day provided me with many precious tools, insights and practical information.

Artful Minds participantMarch 2017

The whole day was wonderful and I am still learning from it now seven weeks later but I think the AMIC tool is so easy to remember and apply to so many situations. I think that is as much to do with how it was applied throughout the day as to the tool itself i.e. the day trained us in using the tool

Artful Minds participantOctober 2017

The day was excellent: supportive, informative, thought provoking and fun.

Artful Minds participantOctober 2017

The training has given me a new confidence in what I do (the value of it is not all in my head but is shared by many others); helped me explain what I do (so that I can be taken more seriously and therefore reach more people); and also has given me the courage to develop my activities further (by accessing further training and offering wider services).

ParticipantOctober 2017